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TopClosure® Tension Relief System (TRS) - an innovative new technology for the management of simple and complex wounds is now available for skin stretching and secure wound closure. The TopClosure® TRS is easy to apply, safe to use and leads to excellent results by providing simple solutions for complex problems. The TopClosure® TRS is intended to temporarily stretch skin tissues to aid closure and healing of post traumatic, surgical, acute and chronic skin wounds.

Complex wounds and skin defects that cannot be primarily closed are common during general, orthopedics, vascular, plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as in other surgical procedures.

The need for tension-reduction during wound closure was addressed by various stretching devices designed to harness the visco-elastic properties of skin, applying controlled and evenly-distributed tension along the wound margins using incremental traction.
The principle of stretching wound margins is problematic. This technique could cause necrosis and tear the skin margins during approximation of the opposing wound edges if excessive tension is applied. Additionally, these devices are by nature invasive, bulky, and may damage wound edges.

TopClosure® TRS is very easily applied for diverse usage and variable anchoring distance, allows complete patient ambulation. The larger area of contact with the skin reduces the applied tension, leading to wider stress distribution (applied stress is 4-5 orders of magnitude lower than tension sutures). Reduced tension minimizes the chances for scar expansion or dehiscence, and results in better quality and improved aesthetics of the scar.

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